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About Harrity Optical, Inc.

By Alice Escott, Town Crier, August 7, 2001

The year was 1971. Filled with dreams and ambitions, James Harrity started business as Harrity Optical, Inc. in Lackawanna. Within five years, Jim was ready to open a second location. The big decision was where he should locate the new store. The Harrity family had had a summer home in the Town of Evans. Jim knew and liked the people of Evans and the south towns. With the Highland area undergoing a growth spurt, Jim decided Derby would be the location for his new store. In 1976, he opened the second location of Harrity Optical, Inc. at 6913 Erie Road in Derby. After operating two locations for approximately 10 years, Jim made the decision to close the Lackawanna store and concentrate his time and efforts in Derby. That decision has brought Jim and Sandy to this year's happy celebration.

Harrity Optical, Inc. takes pride in the products and services it provides. One of the hallmarks of their business reputation is the quality eyewear, contact lenses and hearing aids they offer their customers along with the latest in lens technology. Harrity Optical carries the latest eyewear and sunglass styles and includes that personal touch with their customer service.

Over the years, Jim and Sandy have seen many customers and are beginning to see the children of the children of their original customers. It is that continuity of care that keeps some of their custom­ers relying on them for their optical products even after they leave the area. Many college students re­ceive those "replacement" care packages in their "college hometown" from Harrity Optical.

Harrity Optical's satisfied customers include a, 3 month old infant who was fitted with contact lenses to correct a cataract condition she was born with and elderly patients who are brought to the store every 6 months to have their cataract contacts checked and changed.  Harrity Optical serves people from birth to 100 years of age.

Most insurance company payments are accepted. There are a few insurance companies however that do not meet the minimum standard requirements that Harrity Optical has believed to be necessary for quality service (eye exams, glasses, etc.). A high quality standard will always be maintained and provided at Harrity Optical.

With 30 years of service behind them, Jim and Sandy are looking ahead to years of continued service to the people of the Evans and Southdown’s areas. "Our customers are like family and friends. We will be here for years to come. We aren't going anywhere."